Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 8

Ignoring isn't bliss:

He was dull and dark.At first, we - the bunch of receivers in the platform, unable to recognize our mischievous Mr.131.His last statement with a wicked smile, which is now three months old, still ringing in my ear drums. 

"I am good in English and ready to face the world with it" 

Later, in the room, the reason for his dullness revealed. His ignoring attitude and adamant mind, invited him a lot of troubles in the new city, where he went for his new job. He ignored to adapt himself in the new environment. His fixed unyielding thoughts abandoned him to the evil.

Not only Mr.131, most of us are ignorant to some essential things in our life. How many of us are having the habit of reading all sections of a newspaper? How many people know informations out of their work area? If you don't know about a rally in your area, you will reach your office by noon. If you are unaware of the nature of the food in a city, you will be messed up in the mess (food court). 

Life is simple, but complex. Everything is linked over another. Don't ignore a thing, it may not be useful at that time, but very useful at another time. You will be able to guide someone Take the straight after the bend, only when you are aware of it. Without some knowledge about that place, you are unable to find the answer  - "Take the straight after the bend". 

PT- Parallel  Thinker

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 7

Art of changing Mother:

"Dear, What did your maths teacher taught you today?"

"Hmm...hmm....My teacher today taught us about....hmmm....Number systems, Addition and subtraction methods."

"Good. So you learnt a lot of information today"

"Hmm..Yes. Did you bought me the ***** Chips I asked ?"

"Yes. I do"

This was the yesterday evening conversation between our Mr.131 and his daughter who is doing his fourth standard in a international school. I found some serious problems in this conversations. Are you able to find it?. Nope. But, I do.

Mr.131 used to talk with his daughter only through English. He said he was making her more familiar with English, and advocates that it will helps a lot in her career and life style. I somewhat agree at this point, but i think about her mother tongue. I never saw him or Mrs.131 talking with their daughter in their mother tongue. They not even created a environment for that. Even her second language in school is another language. I am afraid, after 10 or 20 years, she will not be in a situation to pass the essential things in her mother tongue to her next generation.

At past, most searched for their mother tongue literatures and enjoyed in reading them.. Is that the scenario is same in this 'Everything there' e-generation community? Nope is your answer, isn't it?

Learn and speak the foreign languages at the need. At least speak and share it within the community. Live and let the languages to live.

If you avoid the mother tongue in the name of fashion, then you will be unable to notice the lines "Take the straight after the bend" which was already written in your mother tongue. Even you will be unable to guide your fellow mate in your own language.

PT- Parallel  Thinker